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Cabinet infrastructure

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Weidmüller expands its range of cabinet components. Additions to the programme include stable cabling channels and energy-efficient filter fans. These are beneficial both in cabinets and in Weidmüller housing solutions, for example for photovoltaics or for the wind power industry.

If you are happy with your choice of greengrocer, you don’t want to have to find somewhere else to buy your apples. Everything should be from a single source as this saves you unnecessary travelling and gives you a reliable quality of supply. And this is exactly the approach that Weidmüller has taken when expanding the range of products it offers for cabinet building. Professional tools and end-to-end marking systems have been part of the product spectrum for decades. Now, the solution package has been completed by the addition of infrastructure components that, within the overall context of cabinet building, provide an important basis for efficient planning, installation and operation.

The new Weidmüller cabling channels are sure to impress with their torsionfree construction, resulting in longterm, robust cable routing. Thanks to drilled holes in the floor of the cabinet, accurately dimensioned in accordance with DIN EN 50085-2-3 and cable retaining collars for previously installed connectors, you can meet all the requirements of a precise installation. The locking mechanism with a simple snap-on that ensures a secure seat for the lid is particularly practical.

Practical right down to the fine details

Irrespective of whether you are cooling or heating, the new cabinet temperature control components ensure reliable thermal management under many different conditions. The filter fans have been designed to be practical, right down to the last detail. With their zigzag shaped filter mat for example, the surface is enlarged such that service lives up to three times longer than those with conventional products are possible. In addition, the filters score well with their optimised energy consumption, thanks to an enlarged air flow and reduced current consumption.

The growth in digitalisation makes cabinet temperature control even more important. More and more active electronics are being packed closely onto the terminal rails. The deployment of powerful filter fans can significantly increase the service life of these components as the heat losses are more efficiently dissipated.

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