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Customers achieve greater efficiency in panel building with the Klippon Service Configure-to-order. Products are provided pre-assembled and ready-to-install with a minimum order quantity of one – immediate quotation and fast delivery included.

Tight schedules are part of everyday life in panel building. It is difficult to plan today what the customer will need tomorrow. The Klippon Service Configure-to-order makes it possible for panel and machine builders to order preassembled products, such as terminal blocks or complete housings, rather than individual components, as and when required. This results in simpler and faster processing and installation.

Users can direct greater focus towards their core business. No more need for costly storage. The laborious manual assembly process is replaced by digitalised and automated processes, which also reduces the number of errors, as individual components and order numbers no longer need to be manually identified and recorded. This minimises the fixed costs and administrative effort while ensuring that costs are continually controlled.

Digitalised added value

Configure-to-order integrates into the existing workflow of the ECAD system through to installation and – with a minimum order quantity of one – is also ideal for individual production and smaller projects. With the WMC (Weidmüller Configurator) software and a high-performance delivery service, users receive an individual quotation within minutes of submitting a request, including part numbers that can be ordered directly, and the ready-to-install product in the required quantity after five days. If data sets from an ECAD system such as ePlan P8 or Zuken E3 are already available, the process is even easier. The existing data can be imported via an integrated interface. The 3D configuration environment and the integrated object dependencies of the components facilitate configuration and marking in panel building. The basis of all this is formed by the components and processes that are designed for the automation of panel building in accordance with the motto “ready-to-robot”.

Self-defined lead time

Configure-to-order is tiered into several service levels. For a selected product range, the four-day Fast Delivery Service offers the shortest production time. Deliveries within Germany are usually fulfilled within one day, which means that the customer can receive the assembled product after five working days. The nine-day Delivery Service also covers a wide product range with reliable availability. For individual configurations, there is the Direct Offer Service. Here, the availability of the components used defines the speed of the delivery.

The Configure-to-order assembly service is currently available for the Klippon Connect terminal blocks, the Klippon Protect machined empty enclosures as well as assembled enclosures with terminal rails and add-on components such as cable glands or sealing plugs. Once activated, the free-of-charge, intuitively operated engineering software can be used to its full extent. Weidmüller offers regular webinars and training for users who wish to have a more extensive understanding of the software.

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