Cable assembly made easy and efficient

Cable assembly made easy and efficient

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With the Wire Processing Center (WPC), Weidmüller has developed a semi-automatic solution for cable processing which speeds up the time-consuming assembly and wiring process considerably.

Cable assembly, wiring and marking activities require the most processing time in panel building. The manual working steps of mechanical assembly and wiring during the installation take up to 70 percent of the required time according to a study by the ISW.1 This leads not only to increased costs, but also usually requires specialist employees who could often be deployed more efficiently elsewhere in many companies.

Digitalised processes, more efficient workflows

With the Wire Processing Center, panel builders are able to optimise their working processes while maintaining the same high level of quality. The center is a mobile unit comprising a cutting machine, an automatic stripper and crimper and a thermotransfer printer. The system components are positioned in combination on a specially developed workshop trolley. The WPC is controlled by intuitive software, which guides the user through the assembly process and controls the correct processing of the individual work steps. Upstream planning software (WPC tool) that proposes multiple input options to the designer is used for inputting in the assembly data. Direct import of CAE data from EPLAN, import of CSV files or manual input is possible.

The data transfer from the planning software can be achieved via the network at the touch of a button or with a USB stick.

A selection field in the operator menu is used to switch the semi-automated system to stand-alone mode, so that the machines and printer can be used separately for their individual functions. This increases the level of flexibility through extensive utilisation options.

The Wire Processing Center can be tailored to the individual work stations and can be integrated into existing structures. Implementation can take place step by step, if initially only individual components (machine or printer) are used in production, further WPC system components can be easily added at any time.

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