Panels with more power

Panels with more power

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Weidmüller delivers customised combiner box solutions for First Solar Series 4 and Series 6 modules.

Weidmüller, an established technology partner for First Solar modules, now delivers customised combiner box solutions for the company’s Series 6 and Series 4 modules. So far, more than 17,000 photovoltaic DC combiner boxes have been shipped to projects using First Solar modules by the Germany-based company. These boxes offer high protection class, easy maintenance, long service life and easy wiring in the field.

“Weidmüller is a globally operating diversified company that does not solely rely on photovoltaics. Especially in the regenerative energy markets with its market fluctuations, this is a differentiating quality”, says Scott Rand from Product Management at First Solar.

The Series 6 module was recently introduced into the market. It boasts a power rating of 420 to 445 watts and conversion efficiency of over 17 percent, so that they will generate significantly more energy than conventional crystalline silicon modules.

In close cooperation with First Solar, Weidmüller has also developed a tailor-made combiner box line-up for the new high performance Series 6 module range. “We are happy to have Weidmüller involved in First Solar’s ecosystem, and we appreciate the effort and seriousness that they have put into the program. Weidmüller has and will support customers through all phases of the project – from the concept phase to after-sales service”, comments Rand.

About First Solar

First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) systems. The company, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, produces high-efficiency thin-film CdTe modules that exceed the energy yield of conventional silicon-based modules. Over 17 GW of modules have been sold worldwide so far.

The company operates many of the world’s largest grid-connected PV power plants but delivers also renewables solutions for companies and communities.

Weidmüller – many years of experience in the PV industry

Combiner boxes from Weidmüller are available for 1,500 V DC systems as monitored and non-monitored solutions
Combiner boxes from Weidmüller are available for 1,500 V DC systems as monitored and non-monitored solutions

At Weidmüller, customers in the PV industry benefit from many years of experience and a comprehensive range of services and global presence. The photovoltaic specialists accompany customer’s projects from initial planning right through to the operation of the system.

Therefore, photovoltaic companies around the globe trust Weidmüller as their reliable partner. The facts speak for themselves:

  • 53,000,000 panels with an output of over 10.2 GWp
  • Local support in nearly 100 countries
  • Since 2007, development, manufacture and supply of combiner boxes for large-scale photovoltaic projects
  • More than 131,000 combiner boxes worldwide

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