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Plan more flexibly

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On-call orders? Tight deadlines? Last minute design changes? Weidmüller offers comprehensive process solutions so that panel building can run productively and economically, in spite of increasing complexity. The latest example is our Fast Delivery Service of the Weidmüller Configurator for ready-to-install terminal strips.

With Klippon® Connect , Weidmüller has restructured its offering in the area of terminal blocks. Tailored connection systems and customised solutions for recurrent applications in the panel offer a suitable solution for every task. In order to ensure a fully efficient process from planning through installation and on to operation, Weidmüller supports panel builders with services such as planning software or individual assemblies, to complement the normal product offering. In short: Weidmüller delivers Klippon® Services.

Thanks to its intuitive operation, the ease of data exchange and the high level of attention paid to the details, the Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) has established itself as the tool of choice for creating configurations and enquiries. A new feature, the Fast Delivery Service for ready-to-install terminal strips, is saving more time in the planning process.

Now save even more time

WMC users select this option when they get to the end of the normal configuration process and a few minutes later, they receive an automated quotation with all part numbers. Once an order has been placed, the individual terminal strips are automatically assembled within just four days and are then directly on the way to the customer. Panel builders within Germany can carry out practical tests on their configuration after just five working days.

Users of this service reduce their fixed costs as no manufacturing capacity and storage space have to be reserved for the individual terminal strip assembly and they don’t have to buy small quantities of the components. The guaranteed assembly time makes the Fast Delivery Service an appreciable plus in terms of efficiency, when planning a project.

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