Strong in communication

Strong in communication

Protop power supply fit for digitalisation

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Cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions require the continuous exchange of data, from the sensor to the cloud. The high-end power supply Protop is prepared for these demands.

Communication-capable components enable relevant operational data to be recorded and forwarded to suitable software or the cloud for further evaluation. Protop forms the basis for this with an add-on communication module that can be retrofitted at any time.

The features

Protop can continuously determine relevant values such as output voltage and current, operating hours and internal temperatures, and transfer them to cloud-based solutions. There is also the option for permanent data analysis, in order to plan service interventions more effectively and detect imminent errors before they occur. The power supply thus plays an important role in digitalised and predictive maintenance and in intelligent remote monitoring. In addition to the pure status message, a precise error pattern is created based on the data, which can then be used to better prepare for a service intervention.

DCL (Dynamic Current Limiting) technology generates a very high dynamic range. The surge current capability enables the bearing of peak loads of up to 600 percent of the usual current value, in order to safely trigger circuit breakers or give motors a powerful start.

ORing MOSFETs for the construction of highly-reliable and redundant power supply systems for critical areas are integrated directly into the devices with Protop. This means that external components such as diode or redundancy modules are no longer needed, thereby reducing the system costs while increasing operational reliability.

With an efficiency of up to 95.3 percent, Protop also provides for lower energy costs in production. In an average system with around one hundred 960-Watt power supplies, around 50 Kilowatt hours are saved every day on three-shift operation. Every year this amounts to more than 15,000 Kilowatt hours. The service life, which is around one and a half times that of standard power supplies, also reduces the costs of replacement and exchange.

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