Smart companies measure up

Smart companies measure up

The benefits of comprehensive energy management

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More and more companies are looking for energy efficiency and a clean energy network. The crux: each company needs its own specific series of measures. With Total Energy Monitoring, Weidmüller has developed a comprehensive energy management solution for smart applications that integrates hardware, software and consultancy into a flexible concept and helps companies around the world implement their own requirements.

In the past, energy consumption often played a very minor role. The consumption of the company as a whole was measured, rather than that of the individual production sites, plants or machines. Due to economical factors, dwindling resources and legal guidelines, the situation is somewhat different today. Successful companies are those that monitor their machines and their production areas in order to optimise energy consumption – in other words: those that promote transparency and interconnectivity.

How relevant energy management has become for producing companies is demonstrated by the rapid development of this business area at Weidmüller. What started out as a project at the end of 2013 was carried over about a year later into the company itself and is part of the Automation Products and Solutions division today.

The manufacturing industry in particular requires solutions that offer customised energy efficiency and quality – across all sectors

One-stop shop for measurement, analysis and consultancy

All hardware components can be integrated easily into the existing production environment and form the basis for the energy analysis and evaluation of individual consumers
All hardware components can be integrated easily into the existing production environment and form the basis for the energy analysis and evaluation of individual consumers

The comprehensive energy management solutions include the sub-areas of energy monitoring and management, power quality as well as data processing and Analytics. To implement the required systems, companies previously needed to work together with several partners, which involved a great deal of time and money. In contrast with other providers, Weidmüller recognises that the development of these systems is an integrated task and has rapidly expanded its portfolio from a few measuring instruments into a triad of hardware, software and services.

The hardware includes energy measuring instruments up to class A, energy analysis instruments, energy loggers and the u-mation automation solution toolbox . Thanks to the Weidmüller Energy Suite software, the user can conveniently collect data, present it clearly and analyse it. The cockpit function enables automated status reports and process-related evaluations.

The solution is customised for the company depending on the equipment, objectives and applications. The initial conditions are evaluated together with the customer and the relevant energy consumers are defined. On this basis, Weidmüller creates a concept that defines the points at which measurements must be taken, what hardware is required, how the components communicate with each other and how the results are prepared. Ongoing system support also remains an issue.

“There are many parameters that need to be specified. Usually, we begin by installing a measuring instrument at the network interconnection point. As the quality of the electrical network is a key parameter for the effectiveness and availability of industrial plants, we recommend continuous monitoring of EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-4. This is then extended to the production lines and individual machines, right down to the machine processes,” explains Torsten Hocke, who has worked as Business Development Manager at Weidmüller since May 2015. Weidmüller also offers its customers support with the subsequent implementation of optimisations – regardless of whether they are of a short-term or long-term nature. Its services include EMC seminars, consultancy and analyses as well as the introduction and support of the ISO-50000 standard.

Information advantage is the keyword

There are even more opportunities for companies. Not only can energy data be used in order to make it user-friendly, but also to evaluate its dependencies in production processes and integrate it in simulations and forecasts. This brings us to the area of data-driven analyses, known as Analytics. More specifically, system providers can, for example, proactively reduce peak loads, detect anomalies in the production processes and automatically switch systems into stand-by mode.

“We complete projects with these kinds of requirements all around the world,” reports Michael Piekarzewitz, who has been driving forward the topic of energy management together with his team since 2016. “A great example is the implementation of a system at a leading automotive specialist in Asia. Through a jointly-developed concept, we are addressing power quality and energy management through one solution – initially at the Chinese headquarters and now continually within the Group and around the world.” Therefore, Weidmüller ensures that its product portfolio can be used internationally, that global specialists are on site to take care of customer service and that know-how continues to grow. The topics of energy monitoring and management, power quality, data processing and Analytics are relevant for each producing company – from a wide range of markets with different standards.

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